Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers
Everyone wants a solid wood chest of drawers these days. We understand why! An Amish chest of drawers adds an attractive, functional accent to any bedroom. Often, our customers want a little more storage than a dresser alone can offer. In that case, we recommend adding a chest of drawers to the bedroom. At Online Amish Furniture, our chests of drawers are available in numerous styles and drawer configurations to suit anyone’s clothing storage needs. Larger chests offer a two piece construction, which is also referred to as “chest on chests.” Chest styles with doors are also known as gentleman’s chests or man’s chests. At Online Amish Furniture, all of our chests of drawers feature English dovetailed drawer boxes and a variety of low-friction drawer glide systems. No bedroom is complete without a chest of drawers. Our Mission style chest of drawers remains one of our most popular designs, and we often recommend it to customers who are looking for a strong but understated style. For those who prefer simplicity and tradition, our Shaker style chest of drawers is a beautiful design. All in all, an Amish chest of drawers will bring style and durability to your bedroom which you can’t find at a Big Box Store. So why wait? Complete your Amish bedroom today.
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19 Items

  1. Boulder Creek Chest of Drawers

    $1,533.03 $2,362.00
  2. Classic Shaker Chest of Drawer

    $1,244.44 $1,571.50
  3. Dyno Chest of Drawers

    $1,747.45 $2,676.63
  4. Fresno 6-Drawer Chest

    $1,239.82 $1,855.00
  5. Fresno Door Chest

    $1,532.24 $2,292.50
  6. Hilton Chest of Drawers

    $1,215.07 $1,872.00
  7. Kascade Blanket Chest

    $813.70 $982.00
  8. Kascade Chest of Drawers

    $1,611.66 $2,093.88
  9. Lynnwood Chest of Drawers

    $2,212.96 $3,010.00
  10. McCoy Chest of Drawers

    $1,706.99 $2,314.38
  11. Palisade Chest of Drawers

    $2,093.66 $2,992.50
  12. Sante Fe Chest of Drawers

    $1,515.86 $2,268.00
  13. Vineyard Chest of Drawers

    $2,805.56 $3,930.00
  14. Wraparound Chest of Drawers

    $1,707.68 $2,555.00
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19 Items