Cypress Double Adirondack Chair

Amish Cypress Double Adirondack Chair
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Cypress is a wood harvested in the Atlantic coastal plain region of the United States. A natural oil, called cypressene (which acts as a natural preservative), embedded in the heartwood, makes it naturally resistant to insects and decay. When kiln dried, cypress has little tendency to warp or cup.  If left to weather in the elements, mildew will appear within the first few months. These spots will disappear as the wood ages, turning it a driftwood grey in time.  Ideally to minimize mildew, enjoy your cypress furniture on a covered porch.  Humidity can also be a factor in the mildew process.  Cypress accepts virtually any surface application although water-based stain will have the best results.  Whether finished properly or left to age naturally, you can enjoy your piece of outdoor comfort for years to come.

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