Rustic Dalton Wall Unit

Amish Rustic Dalton Wall Unit
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Amish Rustic Dalton Wall Unit features timeless features and reclaimed wood style.  This entertainment unit comes in different widths to accommodate different size t.v.'s and varying length walls.  The unit shows saw blade marks and other characteristics reminiscent of furniture handcrafted by hand woodworking tools.

Amish Furniture Dimensions
84"H x 112"W x 19"D (54" TV opening)
84"H x 124"W x 19"D (59" TV opening)
84"H x 144"W x 19"D (69" TV opening)

Amish Furniture Standard Features

Sliding Barn Doors
Barn Door Hardware
4- Shelves for each Bookcase (3-Adustable)
4-Drawers and 2-Component Racks under T.V.
1-Adjustable Shelf Above T.V.
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