Skyline Panel Sofa Recliner

Amish Skyline Panel Sofa Recliner
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$2,264.75 $3,552.50
The Amish Skyline Panel Sofa recliner features metal reclining mechanisms with handles hidden next to the cushions. Available in all of our wood types, The Skyline Slat Sofa will surely add a distinctive Mission flair to any room. Also available; The Amish Skyline Panel Sofa Recliner and the Skyline Panel Love seat shown below.

Amish Furniture Dimensions

87 3/4"W x 38 1/2"D x 40"H

Amish Furniture Standard Features

Mission slatted sides.
Mission corbels.
Metal recliner works.

Amish Furniture Options

Choice of wood type.
Leather or Microfiber upgrade.
Supply your own fabric (12 yds. subtract $72)

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