YT311 Large Corner PlasmaTV Stand

Amish YT311 Large Corner Plasma TV Stand
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The YT311 Large Corner Plasma TV stand features 4 smoked glass doors and 2 VCR drop down doors and is available in 3 standard widths and styles. *As with all corner units, the dimensions are given as "wall space". This is the amount of space the unit requires on each wall. Amish Furniture Dimensions

#311 37"Wall space X 29 3/4"H X 18"D (widest point is 46 5/8"W)

#312 40 5/8"Wall space X 29 3/4"H X 18"D (widest point is 51 5/8"W)

#313 44 1/5"Wall space X 29 3/4"H X 18"D (widest point is 56 5/8"W)

Amish Furniture Standard Features

2 Smoked glass drop down doors.
4 Smoked glass doors.
Vent holes in back.
Dental trim.
Antique English knobs on Traditional style.
Black Mission on Mission Style.
Wood knobs on Shaker style.
Knife hinges (old style barrel hinges are shown).
Amish Furniture Options

The YT 311 Corner Plasma stand is available in Traditional, Shaker and Mission style.

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